Cable Management Systems

150’x30′ CMS

Our Cable Management Systems.

F.R.E.E. Inc, is a leader in innovation, quality and safety in the oil & Gas industry. Our in house designed and patented products have changed the drilling industry by reducing down time, cost and overhead, while increasing safety, production and profitability.

Our patented Cable Management systems can be built to fit your needs, your rig and your budget. Our systems have the ability to travel over 300′ X-axis and 70′ Y-Axis depending on customer needs. Our systems can be integrated during any phase of construction or updated on the drill site if needed.

125’x 30′ Overhead CMS

Currently we have F.R.E.E. Inc., designed and built products in Mexico, Columbia, U.S.A., Canada, and Australia, with licensing agreements for the Middle East.

Trinidad Rig 135 CMS. 105′ x 25′
Patterson-UTI Rig 901 275’x30′